Datus Henry Industries was formed by the great grandchildren and the great-great grandchildren of Datus and Alice Henry Carstarphen through the lineage of Rosetta Carstarphen Packer on generational land that has been owned by the family for more than 150 years.

The multi-generational heirs of Rosetta Carstarphen Packer, join our many years of expertise and networks in the fields of business, education, healthcare, human environmental science, politics and public health to form DHI.

We honor their legacy and the legacy of their parents and grandparents of entrepreneurship, education, and love of family and community by naming this company Datus Henry Industries so the generations to come will remember their dedication to the economic freedom that comes with owning and operating a family business.


Datus Henry’s focus is on sustaining families through our commitment to the environment and sustainable land use farming with the intention of promoting innovative practices that foster professional development while combining community and business engagement to highlight the importance of social entrepreneurship.


Datus Henry Industries has a simple company core value of Family First and the boutique farming business is a tool to help sustain families for the generations to come.

Datus Henry Industries vision is to be a global partner in the industrial hemp market making use of the century and a half years protected family soil to grow and produce organic seeds and plants, process CBD oil and create natural consumer products.

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